Reflexology is a ancient form of healing carried out through the stimulation of hundreds of pressure points and nerve endings on the feet and hands. During a session the continuous stimulation of these points sends messages to the CNS (Central Nervous System) to decompress, which brings the body as a whole to homeostasis/balance, which helps the body move towards wellness. At some point in the treatment most clients fall asleep, but by the time the session is nearing completion, they feel refreshed and simultaneously relaxed. Reflexology’s objective is the activation of our own natural healing powers. Most people remark that the feeling of relaxation lasts many days: aches and pains and specific challenges begin to resolve themselves over those days. You can enjoy a one off reflexology session to give you deep relaxation or take a weekly course to work on a particular health issue or chronic challenge. After a course has been completed, it can be a great advantage to have monthly sessions as a form of preventative medicine into the future. Over my many years as a Reflexologist I have seen amazing results, ranging from eradication of panic attacks, insomnia, migraines, IBS, whiplash, tinnitus, edema, restless leg syndrome, and infertility.

25 min - $59.99
50 min - $89.99
80 min $119.99
Couples (25 min each) $99.99

Foot Haven

Foot Haven #1
The ultimate pedicure and Reflexology Experience (pedicure, foot reflexology, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs).
75 min - $109.99

Foot Haven #2
Treatment for knee and foot pain the more important reflex points. (Foot and knee reflexology, Plus traditional pedicure, head, neck, shoulders and arms massage).
55 min - $89.99

Foot Haven #3
Traditional Pedicure and foot reflexology Enjoy a massage for you legs! (legs, feet, shoulders, and neck).
45 min - $79.99